A new NI PXI platform is just arrived, and it is REALLY awesome.

The hardware consists of

  • 2 x Dynamic voltage card with 8 simultaneous channels.
  • 1 x RTD card with 20 channels.
  • 1 x Multi-functional card with 32 channels. It could measure electric voltage, current and thermal couple.
  • 1 x Switcher panel with 24 output channels and 24 input channels to simulate a PLC.
  • 1 x RS485/RS422 communication card.

  • Plug a screen, a keyboard and a mouse. Let’s rock. ↓

<img>The new NI PXI gear!

  • Front view. ↓

<img>Front view

  • Front view with accessories. ↓

<img>Front view with accessories

  • After playing with LabView for about 5 minutes, a simple test program is ready. ↓

<img>Front view with accessories

In this extremely simple LabView code, two channels are deployed. One is measuring room temperature by an attached thermal couple. The other is measuring the wave form from a signal generator, at a sampling frequency of 100 kHz. The result is quit good.

  • AHa, its me again. ↓

<img>Front view with accessories