One of my colleagues, Bing DONG (, is working on transient CFD simulation of a flow field inside a fuel rod bundle of a pressurized water nuclear reactor system. He sets up an imaginary hole on the cladding of the fuel rod. After discussing the strategy of mesh generation, I found that it was interesting and a good chance for an everyday practice. I borrowed the geometry form him and generated a sample mesh for myself, just for fun.

The software is ANSYS ICEM. The mesh consists of pure hexahedral grids.

  • Iso-view of the geometry ↓

<img>The geometry. Iso-view.

  • The imaginary hole ↓

<img>The imaginary hole. Iso-view.

  • Top-view of the mesh ↓

<img>Top-view of the mesh

  • Iso-view of the mesh ↓

<img>Iso-view of the mesh

  • Mesh of the imaginary hole ↓

<img>Mesh of the imaginary hole