• My colleague was calibrating the differential pressure transducer ↓

<img>Calibration of the differential pressure transducer

  • Tow Venturi flowmeters and associated differential pressure transducer ↓

    The differential pressure transducer is shared by the two Venturi tubes.

<img>The Venturi tubes and diffferential pressure sensor

  • The impact hammer which was used when we measured the free vibration frequency of the assembly of the pump rotor ↓

    One impact load senor was installed at the tip of the hammer.

<img>The impact hammer

  • The assembly of the pump rotor ↓

<img>The assembly of the pump rotor

  • Acceleration sensors installed on the rotor assembly ↓

<img>The acceleration sensors, Group 1

<img>The acceleration sensors, Group 2

  • Acceleration sensor back end units ↓

<img>The back end units of the acceleration sensors.

  • I was preparing to strike in order to test its free vibration frequency ↓

<img>I was preparing to strike the rotor with the hammer

  • Eddy current displacement sensors ↓

<img>The displacement sensors

  • Rotor balancing ↓

<img>Rotor balancing